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E-commerce With Logistic Management

About Course

It aims to provide a new era of talents equipped with a combined knowledge in two areas: advanced Internet-centric technologies, and enterprise solutions, to help and manage online business and operations in the 21st Century. This course has recently further introduces a full-time study mode with virtual classes and In-class study based, to provide the opportunity for student, job seekers, fresher’s & Professionals.

The curriculum of our program has been carefully designed to reflect the latest technological developments and to meet the needs of industries, to prepare our students for success upon graduation and leadership in the future.


The state-of-the art facilities and expertise committed to the advancement of E-commerce and logistics technologies, as well as to the education and training of a new generation of talents in both the business and technology. Our main motto is to help students acquire the new-age skills & strategic perspective of supply chain management, with a focus on Logistics and reduce the work of traditional logistics phenomena.

Why this Course

E-commerce technologies have been widely and successfully used for the management and operations of business firms and organizations today. Typical examples include: E-Banking, online trading of stock markets, procurement of enterprises through the Internet, online shopping, Internet marketing, e-government services, etc. For supply chains involving multi-national operations, the Internet has become a necessary means to facilitate business transactions and coordination. That’s why; this course will provide a cutting edge for the rapid career development.

Course Modules

Logistics Management

In this module will give you the best demonstration of the logistic integrated management concept. Better understanding of transportation system techniques and will provide you a relationship between global logistics & E-commerce.

E-Commerce Data Mining Techniques

This module will introduce the techniques used in data-mining for E-commerce information. Topics will include clustering, classification, estimation, statistical analysis, visualization tools and forecasting.

Mobile Commerce and Mobile Logistics

This course introduces the key technologies and applications that support operation of Mobile Commerce and Mobile Logistics also managerial issues, such as, regulatory frameworks, business and revenue models.

Supply Chain Management

This module will cover about the management of moving ram materials, inventory management, forecasting and ERP system supply chain integration.

Logistic Architecture of website development

In this module, we will give you an effective website solution in better way. We also deliver results that drive profitable growth for your logistics website. Logistic website consideration will give you a proper architecture level step by step.

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  • Establish an Online Presence.
  • It improves the brand image of the company.
  • Will reduce Costs in Transport and Logistics.
  • E-Commerce helps to simplify the business processes and make them faster and efficient.

Working professional

  • Accelerate your career growth.
  • Enhance your business organization.
  • Make a professional in various networks.


  • Benefit from more career choice.
  • Cutting edge and transformation in your business.
  • Get better job opportunities with best packages.
  • Overall career development and skill enhancement of the student.

In-class training

  • Doubt sessions.
  • Personal attention.
  • Easy answers to queries.
  • Interactive two way class
  • Chances to interact with industry best experts.
  • Training classrooms to give you the best training.

Virtual Training

  • Virtual learning.
  • Progress tracking
  • Save on time travel.
  • Learner interaction.
  • User specific learning
  • Interactive live online training.
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Virtual-Class Training
180 Hours
20 th September 2017

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E-commerce With Logistic Management

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