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E-commerce With Strategic Acquisition

About Course

This course uses marketing information to design for the strategic business plan. Students approach this case as if they were consultants leading the strategic marketing plan. In this course, we have covered market segmentation, brand positioning & strategy, e-commerce acquisition & retention, as well as tactical ideas for each e-commerce strategy and financial justification for the plan. This E-commerce Strategic Acquisition course is designed to provide delegates with the skill require developing a larger business. Upon completion of this course, you will get an internationally recognized diploma, which will enable you to work in the field of online Strategic Acquisition from anywhere in the world. The Diploma E-commerce Strategic Acquisition course will require approximately 180 hours of study to complete.


It validates that there is a huge benefit than E-commerce strategy acquisition in the business. The Online strategic acquisition could be the finest or career path of your personal or professional life.

Why this Course

The teaching approach emphasizes the strong functional linkages that exist in practice between E-commerce and Strategic Acquisition after this course it will provide a kick start for career growth.

Course Modules

Strategic implications of Internet on business management

In this module, We will cover reliability and validity of the scales of business over the internet, will provide you the global business solution on the internet and internal processing for enhanced performance techniques.

E-commerce acquisition strategy & techniques

We give you the depth knowledge of acquisition techniques and business solution strategies.

Technological infrastructures of electronic commerce

Will give you the full infrastructure of E-commerce, payment processing component, authorization of acquisitions, settlement of the payment process and component.


In this four areas of interest will provide the user and marketing analysis, traffic generates techniques in the website, turning & also will give the phenomena maximizing customer value.

Risk management, mitigation & analysis of E-commerce strategic

This module will give you a better understanding with Risk management, mitigation techniques and best analysis of E-commerce strategic.

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  • Get the best analysis of risk.
  • Useful in creating archives for future searches.
  • Apply strong legal perspective in your business.
  • Provide a global cover in through strategic acquisition.

Working professional

  • Benefit from more career choice.
  • Become an industry demanded professionals.
  • Switch or move job easily into the higher position.


  • Get best job in MNC companies.
  • High career growth & job opportunities.
  • Get best freelancing support and potential .

In-class training

  • Doubt sessions.
  • Personal attention.
  • Easy answers to queries.
  • Interactive two way class
  • Chances to interact with industry best experts.
  • Training classrooms to give you the best training.

Virtual Training

  • Virtual learning.
  • Progress tracking
  • Save on time travel.
  • Learner interaction.
  • User specific learning
  • Interactive live online training.
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E-commerce With Strategic Acquisition

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