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The chronological order of all your information on any of the topic on any website is Blogging. No fixed topic is there you can select any topic of interest including politics, sports, entertainment, lifestyle etc. It is a formal or informal discussion on websites published on the World Wide Web. The rise of Twitter and many micro blogging sites have given way to blogs. To start blogging, you can visit any site to showcase your intellectual thoughts on any topic. To write down your thoughts for your personal blog, lot of research and observation is required. In NIEC you will be provided with the knowledge of blogging tips to make it your profession and then you can do blogging for money by posting on various Blogging sites. There are various platforms like WordPress to showcase your writing skills. By gaining the knowledge you can start your own business or you can build a website in seconds on it.


The following benefits of blogging and wordpress will help you according to your needs.

  • Establishing a business
  • Becoming a professional writer
  • Easiest means of earning money
  • Driving traffic and generating leads on your website

Course Curriculum

  • Introduction to WordPress
  • Finding a Home for your WordPress Site
  • Installing WordPress on Your Site
  • Content Management using WordPress
  • Selecting the Right Tools
  • Image Formats
  • Fonts and Colors
  • Designing Your WordPress Site
  • The WordPress Default Layout
  • Themes and Templates
  • Widgets and Template Tags
  • Parent and Child Themes
  • Creating a Custom Site
  • Using WordPress as a Content Management System
  • Using WordPress Plugins

Blog & Wordpress

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