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Brand Planners / strategists Face Many Challenges, Including How To :

  • 1. Develop brand-building programs;
  • 2. Create a comprehensive brand architecture that will provide strategic direction;
  • 3. Generate motivating brand identities and value propositions for the key brands;
  • 4. Leverage new technologies. The goal of this course is to provide concepts, models, methods, and role models that will help address these challenges.

Course Curriculum

  • Scope and environment of marketing management
  • Customer satisfaction, value and retention
  • Analyzing consumer markets and buyer behavior
  • Analyzing business markets and business buyer behaviors
  • Understanding and analyzing competition
  • Segmentation and targeting
  • Positioning and differentiating
  • Pricing strategies and programs
  • Marketing channels
  • Product and branding strategy
  • Creating brands (positioning & design)
  • Building a brand
  • Global branding
  • Integrated marketing communication
  • Digital marketing & new media

Brand strategy

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