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Long-term planning to develop a successful brand to achieve some specific goal is called brand strategy. A well-planned strategy of a brand affects a business directly which is connected with needs and emotions of a consumer. It is the process of measuring the value and authenticity of the organization, product, or service. In NIEC you will come to know about the strategies of Branding of the organization, product or service.


  • Develop brand-building programs
  • Create a comprehensive brand architecture that will provide strategic direction
  • Generate motivating brand identities and value propositions for the key brands
  • Leverage new technologies.
  • Learn concepts; models, methods, and role models that will help address these challenges.

Course Curriculum

  • Scope and environment of marketing management
  • Customer satisfaction, value and retention
  • Analyzing consumer markets and buyer behavior
  • Analyzing business markets and business buyer behaviors
  • Understanding and analyzing competition
  • Segmentation and targeting
  • Positioning and differentiating
  • Pricing strategies and programs
  • Marketing channels
  • Product and branding strategy
  • Creating brands (positioning & design)
  • Building a brand
  • Global branding
  • Integrated marketing communication
  • Digital marketing & new media

Brand strategy

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