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Book my show is the venture of Bigtree Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. [Case Study]

Book my show is the venture of Bigtree Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. Bigtree was the one that had put the stone of India’s first entertainment ticketing mechanism. Book my show was founded by 3 friends- Ashish Hemrajani(founder), Rajesh and Parikshit(co-founder). Book my show is India’s biggest online ticketing brand with services such as movies, plays, events and sports ticket. Apart from being an online ticketing Portal BookMyShow offers various information regarding the upcoming movies, show timings, venue details and artists bio as well. With their extreme hard work and sincere dedication they have doubled since last year. They have delivered close to 3 times the value in the last 18 months of their working. And they successfully believe that their consumers and their team is extremely happy with their success over a period of time.

book my show

According to their estimation, they get close to 500 page views and approx 30 -40 million unique visitors a month. Since the year of their establishment in 2007, BookMyShow has done around 200 million tickets. And they are hoping and expecting that by 2017, they are thinking to hit 100 million targets in a single year. Not only through computers will you be able to keep a track on their increasing growth but now they have crossed all borders with their mobile transactions. They have their traffic being generated from top 10 cities and now other 50 important towns and cities are on their hit list. Although the market for android and iOS development is increasing but the iOS customer is the highest lifetime for them. Nokia phones driven by Windows have given us equal results.

When it comes to the working environment at BookMyShow then no other has better one than this. When you have a lively atmosphere with ‘zero ego’ and no pressure from the company then you have the capacity to outward your creativity in a subtle manner. Interest free loans are offered to employees if they wish to continue with their further studies. They have strong bond and unity amongst their employees and colleagues that showed off in 2008 when the financial crises happened. Everyone took a 30% cut in their salary and then with the majority in voting they agreed to 90% cut for 6 months.

book my show
  • Both good times and bad times don’t last long.
  • Anything free in life is not valued.
  • Never give anything for free, always charge something.
  • Do not fear any competition and any environment.
  • Do not complain of the environment you are working.

These were some of the points that gave him strength and motivated him every Monday morning to strive hard and to start fresh even though he had gone through lots of speed breakers in their lives.

So this was the story of the famous internet ticketing platform BookMyShow where you got to read an inspiring story of youngsters who gave up everything for their goal just to get it fulfilled at any single cost. These inspiring stories in a way whale you to places and thoughts that coax you to perform better in any kind of digital or non digital field. Because at last your hard work pays you off and only you are going to be the soul repenter.


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