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Behind every Start-up, small company there is a motivational story [Case Study]

In this era of demonetization where everybody is cribbing over of being cashless, giving up hours of standing in queues and thinking their problems as the superiority issue. Their there are people who are busy in struggling through their tangles in life. Now are the scenario of self started business which in technology terminology as Start-ups, with every company and business going for Digital Marketing, increasing the wider network for jobs and the establishment of startups.

Contrary to this there are some people who believed in risks and creating solutions for their destined work. There are several stories of great entrepreneurs who started with a very small background with hardly a goal in pocket and confidence in hand to achieve something and now after years of hard work and labor they have achieved what they desired for.

Dilip Shanghvi

Borrowing a lump sum amount of 10,000 from his father and now being the owner of a pharmacy company, Dilip Shanghvi is now has just the double triple amount being the second richest man in India and a famous tycoon. He started the business with just helping his father with the wholesale pharma business and after the completion of his studies he had set up a factory in Gujarat. With the help of technology he expanded his business in abroad and after few years of hard work his business soar the heights by acquiring small companies. According to him” A good entrepreneur should be able to spot the opportunity before other see it and he is able to risk money for it. This is not just the end. There are others who have made contributions in the world of startups with their strong vision, ideal knowledge and dedication.

Dilip Shanghvi

26 year old Naidhroven suffers from Muscular Dystrophy since birth. But he has now broken up all shackles plunged into entrepreneurship to start his own company and business. Because of the disease, his dream of becoming an automobile engineer shattered after people being talking behind the backs and on his face since his school time. Affected from muscular dystrophy, a genetic birth disorder his life was never a bed of roses. Being rejected and dejected several times his hopes were about to be given up when his father designed a mobile scooter for him and he wanted to take the project further as a family business and his family encouraged him to start up. After few years of sincere dedication he was successful in launching an E scooter in India with name as Scotra CML to achieve his purpose of success. Naidhroven chose to follow his passion rather than making negative comments over powering him. The stories of young generation ad young minds that indulge into such sort of activities with sheer hard work then they coax you to take inspiration from such stories. There are several more stories of young ignited minds that created opportunities with little scope.

With Digital marketing evolving with the time, there are several ecommerce institutions being set up to give you an opportunity to create a desired destination for your dreams and ideas with several professional training programs and courses so that you don’t lack in any kind of opportunity.


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