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Welcome to Professional Diploma in E-commerce

Our e-commerce certification program is designed with an aim to train you in the area of e-commerce. It is an effective courses that delivers into the internet as a market place. It deals with various specifications like E-commerce with Digital Marketing, E-commerce with Logistic Management,
E-commerce with Graphic Design, E-commerce with Strategic Acquisition to give a perfect shape to your skills and knowledge.

Why You should Consider NIEC ?

Our E-commerce Certification Program is prepared with an objective to train you in the area of E-commerce. It deals with various specializations like E-commerce with Digital Marketing, Logistic Management, Graphic Design, & Merchandising to give a perfect shape to your skills and knowledge.

NIEC- Nakshtra Institute of E-commerce is a subsidiary of the Nakshtra Educational Society, established in 2010 to fill the gaps of skill in E-commerce and Digital Marketing. We deliver virtual and in-house training courses worldwide with our special key features.

In NIEC, We train in different specialized areas in E-commerce to give your career a perfect shape. Learn the E-commerce strategies by the Industry Expert Professionals. In NIEC- Nakshtra Institute of E-commerce, we provide practically based training, which is 60% practical, and 40% theoretical. Learn from the Case Studies and Live Projects.


Core Modules (Theses session will be common for everyone)

  • Fundamentals of E-commerce - In NIEC, you will be introduced to the basic knowledge and fundamentals of E-commerce along with the use of E-commerce in expanding and developing your Business, role of E-commerce in your career, and will enhance your skills to manage your business.
  • E-Business Laws & Policies - While learning in NIEC, you will know the rules and regulations of the Indian government for the businesses in the E-commerce sector, including policies for suppliers and customers.
  • Accounting & Taxations - NIEC will provide you with knowledge on the basics of accounting software, payment gateways and taxation in E-commerce.
  • E-commerce Business Operations - NIEC offers you the certification for E-commerce Business Operations in Data Base Management, procurement, catalog management, and many more.
  • Product Planning & Development - If you are planning to launch your new product or expand your business, NIEC will provide you the best platform to learn product planning and management including product lifecycle, strategy, pricing, & management services with customer’s satisfaction.
  • E-commerce Marketing & Strategies - Learn E-commerce marketing strategies with the skills of Building, Managing and Promoting Your Website with the importance of Digital Marketing in E-commerce.
  • Developing E-commerce Websites Using WordPress - Looking for a startup, need your own website, join NIEC to learn and develop your own website on wordpress.

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