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Google Webmaster Tool (GWT) is a free service offered by Google to maintain and monitor your site with issues and fix it accordingly. It is a conglomerate of Google SEO and reporting. For Google search no sign up is required but doing so will let you know how Google uses the content of your site and then optimizes the performance results. And the best part of it is that it is absolutely free. In NIEC you will learn the techniques of Google search engine and will learn to use various Google Webmaster tools with actionable data on it.


Some of the various Google Webmaster benefits structuring the appearance by variety of factors are -

  • Site links
  • Structured Data
  • Data Highlighter
  • HTML improvements
  • Updating sitemaps
  • Increase in Search traffic

Course Curriculum

  • Make a great site
  • Use of resources
  • Learn how Google understand your site

Google Webmaster

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