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Career Growth

Professional Diploma in E-commerce

  • The e-commerce company is seeing an upsurge or increase in its growth giving job opportunities to young aspiring minds.
  • It Is believed that Indian retail industry is growing at a rate of 10% CAGR whereas E-commerce business is expected to grow 22% CAGR over the next 5 years
  • The share of e-tail ( Electronic Retail) in 2014 as a percentage of overall retail industry in just 0.4% and expected to become 3% by 2020 (as per PWC report on e-commerce)

Diploma in Digital Marketing

  • While all industries are struggling to grow 5-10% digital media industry is booming at 40% growth rate
  • Digital Media spend is expected to grow to US $ 161 Billion by 2017 and the rate of growth in Asia is over 25%.
  • Take the example of any start-up, digital marketing is empowering them to compete against tough competitors in the market and face various challenges in the open market.
  • (a) The growth of digital marketing of Indian market compare to rest of the world. India in 2016 became world number 2 in internet users. In 2014 India was on the 3rd position and in 2016 it’s on 2nd.

Diploma In Data Analytics

  • Data analytics have created and raised the earning bar to 75 lakhs per annum as compared to 8-5 Lakhs for CA’s and 5-8 Lakhs for engineers with that same level.
  • According to the Big Data salary report after the US, India has the largest demand of analytics /big data/ data science professionals
  • Mumbai pays an amount of 12.19 lakhs to a data scientist, which is higher in India.
  • India will face a demand-supply gap of 2, 00,000 analytics professionals over the next three years.

Start Up Cert. of Creativity in Entrepreneurship

  • Small businesses have generated over 65% of the net new jobs since 1995.
  • Approximately 5,43,000 new businesses get started each month.
  • 52% of all businesses are home based.
  • According to start-up aggregator Tracxn: Total funding for Indian venture companies that are capita backed topped $12 billion(82,500 crore ) across more than 1,220 deals in the last 2 years, with $7.3 billion invested in over 880 deals in 2015 alone
  • (b) According to the Economic Survey of 2016 there are a total of 16,000 start-ups in Indi which will not see an exit gate and are running successfully.

Mobile Application Development (Android/IOS)

  • The highest average iOS app developer hourly rate- $150 (North America), the lowest -$30(India)
  • The highest average Android app developer hourly rate-$168 (North America) the lowest-$26(India)
  • It’s pretty interesting to note that although Asia does not have the greater number of mobile developers, 51% of the either develop app as their side project or treat it as a hobby.
  • The annual figure of India in mobile application is expected to grow by 92% which will amount to 7.7 billion downloads this year and by 2020 this figure will rise to 20.1 billion.
  • In India the amount of time spent on mobile has been an increase of 11.5 in the first quarter of 2016 as compared to 2014

Why NIEC ?

  • Live projects
  • Virtual classes
  • Experiential workshops
  • India’s first two way interactive classes
  • Customization( as per Institute requirement)
  • Workshops (by experience experts from different industry)
  • A Curriculum developed by all marketing experts and leaders with over 10-15 years of different industry experience.

Who can join NIEC?

  • Technical stream
  • Management stream
  • Any stream (graduation, Post graduation etc.)

Fallout of the training at the end

  • High Career Growth
  • Live project training
  • Placement support
  • Certification in training
  • Privilege to be a part of NIEC alumni
  • Backup soft copy of any lectures unattended
  • Complete knowledge on professional courses
  • Access to webinars, exclusive offers in training etc

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