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India can be called the new stage of startups. Starting an E-commerce business is a hard work, but with a successful startup marketing strategy and following some principle it makes it easy to become an entrepreneur. NIEC will help you to understand the marketing strategies with some best advices under the industry experts.


Guidance by Industries Experts

Interact with the different industries experts, entrepreneurs, investors and founders.

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Learn about the real business experiences by top entrepreneurs across the industries.


Interact with Consultants across domains.

Why this Course

Becoming an entrepreneur is like entering the world's most intimidating mountain of mountains. Starting a E-commerce business is a tough job but by understanding the marketing strategies and taking right decisions on the right time will lead you to a successful startup. NIEC will help entrepreneurs in making smart decisions. We will help you in showing strength as a technology company by taking advantage of online technology to serve your customers better.

Start-Up Modules

Profit Model

A linear, deterministic algebraic model undoubtedly used by many cost accountants is called profit model. From, profit equals sales minus costs it provides a structure for modeling cost elements as materials. In NIEC you will be make familiar with several strategies of profit model.

Technology Used

In NIEC you will get a chance to interact with the latest technologies used by knowing the process of use, benefits of using them and how you can save time by utilizing the latest technologies and gain more profit.

Product development

The creation of products with some new intervention in them or including some new benefits for the customer is called product development. Product development simply focuses on the modification of existing product or working on its presentation to make it more impressive also includes the formulation of the product satisfying your customers and market needs. Where NIEC will help you collect information about product reconversion or presentation for profit by satisfying customers.

Business Model (USP)

The unique selling proposition is a concept of marketing proposed to explain a successful pattern in advertising campaigns. The USP states that campaigns like this has a unique impression on those customers that forced them to switch brands.

Supply chain management

Supply chain management in commerce, managing flow of goods and services includes storage of raw materials and their movement, work process inventory and management of finished goods from origin to consumption. NIEC will help you to build up the skills to manage the supply chain.

Company Finance Management

Effective Management of money in an organization to fulfill its objectives is known as Company Finance Management. Finance management is directly associated with the management team of the company. NIEC will help you to gain the knowledge on the several strategies and basic principles for the finance management.

Fundraising and Valuations

Startup needs to evaluate the amount of investment for them and even they sometimes need to fundraise for their company, so for fund raising they need a proper strategy to get funds with fewer resources. NIEC will help you to learn the strategies and process of fundraising and the method for the perfect valuation for your startups.

Quality Management Ensures

Quality management ensures a consistent product or service in an organization with its components including quality planning, assurance, control, and improvement. It is not only focused on the quality of product and services but also focuses on its means to achieve the target. At NIEC you will learn the management of quality services and products.

Company Registration Process

Company registration process is the A to Z process of registration including the needs, strategies, requirements for the registration of the company which will be taught here in this course so that you can easily mark a strategy to begin a new company.

Process / Customer engagement

A connection between stakeholder and a firm by various correspondence channels is called customer engagement. The connection can be any sort of reaction or overall customer experience conducting online and offline.

Legal, Risk Management and Compliance

Compliance is working in order with request or command or rule of instructions. Compliance is a process which ensures an organization by observing and complying with the statutory laws and regulations.

Customer Feedback & Reputation Management

For new company, feedback is very important to grow it in order to implement new changes according to the needs of its valuable customers and with that the organization must also retain its reputation.

7 P’s (product, price, promotion, place, process, people, Physical Evidence)

The marketing strategy works on the 7 P’s based on marketing including the quality product, genuine price, Brand promotion, place, process, people you are working for, and physical evidence.

Product Details Analysis (Market research, Competitor, Risk Analysis, Project Detail Blue Print)

For new entrepreneurs, before launching any product a detail analysis is required for market, competitors and total risk analysis plays a very important role. Here you will learn on strategies of how to do market research and other important analysis to launch a product.

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  • Provide Road Map for your business Idea.
  • Gives start-up strategies to strengthen your growing business.
  • Provides to help in getting early stage finance for business enhancement.

In-class training

  • Doubt sessions.
  • Personal attention.
  • Easy answers to queries.
  • Interactive two way class
  • Chances to interact with industry best experts.
  • Training classrooms to give you the best training.

Virtual Training

  • Virtual learning.
  • Progress tracking
  • Save on time travel.
  • Learner interaction.
  • User specific learning
  • Interactive live online training.
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